Staying Healthy at this time of Crisis

We are here for you! We are available to care for any urgent dental needs. In addition, we are available via the telephone to discuss any concerns you may have to ally your fears during this difficult time. As a member of the IAOMT(International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) we are trained to mitigate toxins from entering our patients system, while also protecting the dental team and environment.

What is seldom talked about is trying to put your body in the best position in which it is “designed to win”. Our bodies were made to be strong and healthy if we only let them. Wouldn’t it be nice to prevent future viral attacks by strengthening the bodies immune powers. Good health habits will go along way in helping our bodies fight off viral and toxic insults. Just maybe diet, exercise and a positive mental attitude could be the “fountain of youth” and help us to create a healthy body in order to prevent attacks from viruses, bacteria and toxins. More on this subject later……

David Schwanekamp, DDS

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