Holistic & Biological Dentistry in New York

Holistic because we believe the health of the mouth and our overall health cannot be separated. The term biologic may apply because we strive to find new and better ways to help individuals get and stay healthy, and always seeking materials and techniques that are as biocompatible as possible, while at the same time providing for durability, longevity and conservatism.

The term holistic emphasizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. Relative to the practice of dentistry, there is no recognized specialty that would allow one to be called a holistic dentist thus the use of the term holistically inclined approach to the practice of dentistry.

We must remember the same blood that flows through the brain, heart, liver, muscles, etc also flows into the teeth and gums. No part of the body functions alone and independent instead functions as a whole. This is also true at a cellular level, thus to think that an infected tooth or gum around the tooth can influence things at a cellular level throughout the body, truly raises the importance of how we care for our mouth.

Even with this understanding, we often times see the medical system moving away from the holistic approach to a more “parts” orientation, where more and more treatment is directed at the symptoms of disease rather than its cause.

So when we approach the practice of dentistry from a holistic/biologic point of view it just makes sense that the patient be invited into all discussions that must be made in developing appropriate treatment plans. To the degree the patient is involved in deciding what treatment will be rendered and specifically what techniques and materials will be used, the greater the chance that the patient will have control over what is being done and placed in their bodies.

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Breaking the cycle of Dental Disease!

Have you ever felt that every time your dentists does an exam there is something new to repair?  Have you ever felt that despite your best efforts, your mouth is aging faster than you are?

The traditional approach of reacting to breakdown by providing repairs is not enough to stop the cycle of dental disease.  As your mouth ages it cost more each year to maintain as small repairs grow into larger and more costly problems.  This occurs when your dentistry is provided as a response to some episode or emergency.

There is another way!

By discovering where you are now and focusing on the big picture, we can help you create a path of action that will enable you to achieve long-term dental health.  You control the timing, we will provide the quality care.  We believe the foundation of this care is a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.  The health of our relationship with you is just as important to us as your dental health.

It takes a dental team that is willing to listen to what you really want for your future, to provide a customized treatment plan that helps you and supports your journey to long-term dental health.

The path to health, or “Breaking the cycle of dental disease”, can be much easier than you think.  Our mouth does not need to age just because we do.

Dental Disease and its Causes

Here are three (3) main types of dental problems that can “rob” you of your teeth and your health:

  1. Inflammation and infection is the supporting structures (Periodontal Disease)
  2. Bio-mechanical problems with your teeth (decay, cracks and wear)
  3. Chewing system dysfunction (teeth not fitting together in harmony)

If these three (3) factors can be controlled, there is a greater chance of keeping your teeth in good form and function for your lifetime.

The enemy is dental plaque!  Plaque is a white, gooey, sticky substance full of harmful bacteria.  If not removed from your teeth and oral tissues on a daily basis, these harmful bacteria produce toxins that cause tooth decay.  In addition, this bacteria also causes inflammation and infection (periodontal disease) in the supporting gum and bone, and has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease and premature birth.

In addition to decay and periodontal disease, the forces that are placed on the teeth can cause dental problems if the chewing system (jaw joint) is out of balance. When the muscles, jaw joint and teeth are not working in proper relationship, the disharmony creates destructive forces which can cause broken teeth, loose teeth, bone loss and muscle or facial pain.

These forces can be especially destructive in the presence of large mercury-filled silver fillings because these types of fillings can actually act as a wedge and cause the tooth to fracture.  The tooth to tooth wear pattern that can develop due to biting forces can cause cracks, sensitivity, fracture and even damage the nerve of the tooth, resulting in the need for root canals or tooth loss.

Dr. Ruhland or Dr. Schwanekamp is happy to perform an assessment of your teeth, gum tissues and bite in order to provide you with the best options for your chosen dental health future.

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