Minimally Invasive Treatment

Do I need a crown?

At times, a crown may be the proper treatment for a severely broken tooth…however, there may be another way!

That way is called Maximized Adhesive Dentistry and is a minimally invasive approach to restoring your tooth.  This is a process that strengthens the tooth from the inside out.

There are many advantages:

  • Only requires 1 visit – NO Temporary
  • Very conservative – preserves tooth structure
  • Seals the tooth via a unique bonding process
  • Protects the pulp
  • Little or no sensitivity after the procedure

Should the restoration require repair or replacement, you haven’t lost anything – it can easily be redone!

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Maximized Adhesive Dentistry

We are always learning new ways to improve how we take care of our patients. There are many new advances in products and procedures that are available to dentists to help people keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

In my career, I have come to understand that our friends and family want as little dentistry as possible. With that in mind, I believe “MINIMALLY INVASIVE DENTISTRY” has great benefits for my patients.

I just returned from another learning session at Louisiana State University (LSU) Dental School in New Orleans, where this technique has been pioneered.

It involves preserving more tooth structure (which is always good) and a bonding technique based on a “MAXIMIZED ADHESIVE PROTOCOL” invented by Dr. Bruce LeBlanc in Louisiana.

Having the ability to use this technique gives us another option to restore one’s tooth in a more conservative manner. There are many benefits of this procedure.

Benefits of Maximized Adhesive Dentistry

  • It may avoid the need for a root canal and crown to fix a tooth, meaning fewer visits, fewer procedures, less drilling, less discomfort, and less cost.
  • Only one visit – No temporary needed
  • Less sensitivity after the procedure
  • Strengthens the tooth from the inside out by using maximized adhesion.
  • Allows me to truly create health for my patients by sealing all the cracks and holes in teeth, thus preventing bacterial invasion, which causes decay, fractures, and pain. It has been said, “it’s better to stay well than to get well”. In other words, we can prevent “trouble from happening” and lessen the need for root canals and crowns.

Ruhland Dentistry is happy to offer a free consultation appointment to discuss this option for your dental health.

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Here are some examples of Maximized Adhesive Dentistry



Before: tooth with gap
after: closed gap and clean teeth
Before: close up of teeth before procedure
After: close up of teeth after procedure
Mouth before Minimally Invasive dental treatment
Mouth after Minimally Invasive dental treatment
Before: Teeth with amalgam fillings
After: Teeth with tooth colored fillings

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Patient Review By erica l

I can not express how thankful I am for finding Schwanekamp Dentistry. I have a systemic health issue that has caused a deterioration in my dental health this past year. The dentist and his staff were welcoming, friendly, and non-judgmental. I have grown very self concious about my teeth this past year. I have had two appointments so far for 4 fillings each time. While this is the most extensive dental work I've ever hard, it was the smoothest and most painless. In the past I have experienced extreme pain from white fillings with a different dentist. My severely decayed teeth look brand new! The dentist and his assistant did a fantastic job rebuilding and saving my teeth! The day after my dental work I was astounded when I was able to eat like normal, with no pain. He takes a lot of pride in his work and the techniques he used to rebuild my teeth, is like night and day compared to previous work I have had in my mouth. I'm so glad I switched dentists to Dr. Schwanekamp. I trust my dentist, I love the work he does, and I do not have anxiety about coming to the dentist anymore.

- erica l

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Patient Review By Laura C

I have always had dental anxiety and generally don't like people in my "bubble" of personal space. I was having tooth pain and needed a restoration on my molar. Dr. Schwanekamp talked me through the whole thing and made me less nervous. Excellent care and calming atmosphere.

- Laura C

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Patient Review By kayla k


- kayla k

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