Patient-Centered, Health-Focused, and Holistic Care for the Whole Family

Experience a different kind of dentistry – one that is holistically and biologically minded, always centered on the patient and wellness.

Our patients choose care based on their own goals – we help get them there.

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The Problem with Traditional Dentistry

All dental problems start off small. A tiny speck of plaque around the gums; a minuscule fracture on the surface of the tooth; a nearly-undetectable cavity. However, if left untreated, the problem grows over time, resulting in a much bigger problem (root canal, extraction, crown). The reactionary approach of traditional dentistry never actually gets you healthy – it only maintains the status quo – a mouth full of small problems, ready to turn into big ones at a moment’s notice. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Buillding Blocks for Dental Wellness

Patient-Centered Dentistry

We are here to serve our patients. We will listen and provide guidance to help you reach your goals.

Holistic Dentistry

The mouth is not a separate compartment from the body. The same blood that flows through your teeth and gums also travels to the rest of your body including your heart and other organs. The body functions as a whole complete system in a holistic manner. Dental disease has an impact on one’s systemic health. The mouth can be viewed as a window to the health of the whole body!

Good Health Starts In the Mouth – 3 Goals

  1. Infection-Free Gum Tissue and Bone – Periodontal disease causes tooth loss, and is linked with heart disease (the same bacteria has been found in both sites).
    Solution: Brush, Floss, Regular Dental Cleanings, individualized coaching for best home care practices.
  2. No Cracks, Decay or Openings In Teeth – These fractures allow bacteria to invade the tooth pulp, which threatens the tooth.
    Solution: Seal the Teeth
  3. Separation: Teeth Should Not Touch While Sleeping – Clenching and grinding are a common cause of tooth damage.
    Solution: A simple sleeping appliance.

Benefits of the Wellness Model:

  • Less dental treatment over your lifetime
  • Avoidance of extreme treatments like extractions and root canals
  • Better overall health
  • Less financial burden

Example: Better Dental Treatment Options

Typically, when a tooth is broken, a crown is placed. Yet, most dentists know that crowns are often an overly aggressive treatment for small cracks. We want you to know that you do have a choice: new technologies in bonding, known as “Maximized Adhesive Dentistry” allow us to fix broken teeth in a less invasive way. With techniques like this, we are able to preserve the tooth structure and protect the pulp in just one visit.

As Hippocrates, the Greek physician, said “Preventing disease is preferable to waiting for disease to happen”.

Whatever state you think your oral health is in, there is a plan and a solution for you. We are ready to help you create a personalized plan for a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles! Please call us at Dentist in Cheektowaga office Phone Number 716-632-9410.