WHY WE LOVE OZONE (and you should too)

Hand holding a drop of ozoneOzone kills nasty bugs and helps you heal faster! It is completely natural and safe when used properly! It is minimally invasive! It is painless!

About Dental Ozone

Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen atoms. It occurs naturally in the environment and is produced in our office with medical-grade oxygen which passes through a generator.

The resulting molecule has a negative charge and bonds to bacteria, viruses, and fungi effectively eliminating them. It also increases the amount of oxygen in bodily tissues and aids in activating the immune system.

Ozone has been used in dentistry since the 1930s to aid in wound healing. It has been used widely in the medical world in many capacities for over 100 years.

Dental Ozone Therapy at Ruhland Dentistry

In dentistry, ozone can be administered as a gas, ozonated water, and/or ozonated oil. In our office, we use pure ozone gas as well as ozonated water for Ozone Therapy depending on the procedure.

Examples of Dental Ozone Therapy in our office are as follows:

  • To clean/disinfect tooth structure prior to restoring teeth.
  • To aid in disinfecting the tooth during Root Canal Therapy.
  • To Reduce sensitivity.
  • To aid in periodontal therapy to more effectively kill the organisms responsible for gum disease.
  • To slow and in some cases halt decay in deep grooves of teeth prior to placing sealants.
  • To improve the healing response time of oral tissues.

If you think Dental Ozone Treatment may be right for you, request a consultation online or call Dentist in Cheektowaga office Phone Number 716-632-9410 to schedule your appointment to review your dental health goals with Dr. Nora Ruhland and Dr. David Schwanekamp.