3 Secrets For a Healthy Mouth

Have you ever wondered why your mouth is deteriorating?  Typical Traditional Dentistry is done as a response or reaction to an event!  But there is a better way!

A healthy mouth does not deteriorate.  So, the question is, “Do I have a healthy mouth?”  This leads to the three secrets for a healthy mouth that oftentimes are taken for granted and unknown to many patients.

Secret #1:

  • Having no inflammation or infection in your teeth, gums, or supporting bone!  Not only can inflammation and infection cause bone loss around your teeth, making them weak and unstable, we also know the same blood that travels through your gums and teeth travel through your body carrying bacteria and chemicals that can damage your body. Because of this, we do not place mercury fillings in teeth (silver colored fillings), and when removal of these fillings is needed, we follow a protocol for additional patient safety.

Secret #2:

  • Having no openings in any of your teeth! Openings provide a pathway for bacteria to invade the tooth structure, and if they get to the pulp (nerve and blood supply inside each tooth) before we can arrest them, the result is pain, infection, possible need for root canal treatment or even the loss of the tooth.

Secret #3

  • Not allowing your teeth to touch when you sleep! Bruxism habits (grinding/clenching) can cause destruction of your teeth and loss of bone.  By controlling the forces of your bite, this can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

By following the three secrets we can help our patients to create a healthy mouth, thus stopping the progression of disease.  You can turn back the clock on your dental age and have a healthy mouth for your lifetime!