Dental Ozone Therapy

How does Dental Ozone Therapy Work?

Because of its characteristics, ozone is naturally attracted to areas of inflammation and infection where it alters the environment and makes it unfavorable for bacterial growth.

Ozone in the dental setting may be used for:

  • Stopping the progression of decay
  • Aid in root canal treatment to help prevent re-infection by bacteria deep within the tooth structure
  • Forms of ozone are used to help control gum disease.
  • Topical application for healing oral lesions and mouth sores.

Benefits of Dental Ozone:

  • It is holistic in nature
  • Kills micro-organisms
  • Improves healing response

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ozone Therapy

Is Dental Ozone Therapy safe?

Ozone is a natural variation of oxygen and should not be confused with a chemical pollutant. Ozone gas is produced by passing medical-grade oxygen through a generator that produces ozone. Due to its molecular structure (negative charge), the ozone bonds to bacteria, fungus, and viruses. It is completely safe and painless when properly used.