Second Opinions

Sometimes when you are trying to improve the health or function of your mouth, questions or concerns may be troubling you! You may be looking for answers. This is not uncommon because the mouth and teeth makeup a very complex “chewing system.”

We are happy to provide a second opinion!

  • You may not understand why the work needs to be done.
  • Frustration that you might continue to deteriorate.
  • Want to become healthier and keep your teeth for a lifetime in good order but don’t know how.

We can help! Simply call our office for a consultation to discuss your concern! If possible, bring any information you may have (xrays, etc) regarding your condition and we will help guide you on a path that is appropriate for you.

Are You Being Heard?

Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment for our patients to share their story. Together we can work to help you achieve your dental, and overall health, goals. Call Dentist in Cheektowaga Phone Number Dentist in Cheektowaga office Phone Number 716-632-9410 today or request an appointment online.

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