Our Vision:
To provide patient-centered, health-focused and holistic dental care.


We are here to serve. We welcome our patients like family. You will never feel judged for any reason. You will feel heard. We respect your concerns and won’t impose ours on you. You will have the power to make decisions about your own health. You will understand treatment and finances prior to the onset of treatment.  We partner with our patients to provide care that is catered to individual needs.


We understand what oral health is.  We want to help our patients become as healthy as they desire. We will provide you with a detailed assessment and offer guidance and support on your path to oral health.  We believe that if we can help our patients improve their oral health, we can positively impact wellness.


We believe in the complex interconnections between oral and systemic health. When oral health improves, so does overall health. We are passionate about providing safe minimally invasive procedures as well as using biologic materials and techniques.  We believe that mercury is a potent neurotoxin and has no place in the human body.  We provide fluoride-free/dye-free/BPA-free materials.  We aim to minimize radiation to our patients.

Our Wellness Strategy

Traditionally, dentistry has been a reactionary process – patients typically seek dental care only when something goes wrong in their mouth. The problem with this common method is that patients become fixed in a cycle that slowly degrades their health and finances.

There is a better way.  We minimize the amount of dental work a patient needs over his or her lifetime by examining the root cause of problems. We believe that mother nature gave us the ability to heal naturally. We believe in using  minimally invasive techniques and the safest protocols and materials. Enamel is the strongest element in the human body and we aim to conserve as much as possible. We work with our patients to provide education and focus on preventing problems before they arise.

We Meet People Where They Are

We provide care in our office for every level of need. Whatever stage you find yourself in, we urge you to give us a call to help get you on the right path.

There is usually a concern that motivates our patients to reach out.  We will absolutely prioritize your concerns and work with you to have urgent needs met as soon as possible.

Your First Visit

At Ruhland Dentistry, we believe in listening first. Your first appointment includes a generous amount of time to relay your concerns to Dr. Ruhland or Dr. Schwanekamp, in an effort for us to fully understand your health goals.

Co-Discovery Exam

Once we are clear about your goals, we will examine the current condition of your mouth, including teeth, gums, bone and bite using the least amount of x-rays possible, plus photos and clinical notes. Next we will share with you, our findings so that you understand the current condition of your gums, teeth and jaw, relative to optimal dental health.

Review of Findings

With this knowledge, you can then choose a treatment plan that is aligned with your goals, and your coach, Drs. Ruhland or Schwanekamp, will be with you every step of the way.

Our patients are very happy with the care that they receive here because it sets them up for success, which means less pain, money and dental work down the road. Are you ready to get started on a new dental path?

Please call us today at Dentist in Cheektowaga office Phone Number 716-632-9410 to set up your consultation.