Your Dental Health Coach

Are you ready for a new dental experience?

At Ruhland Dentistry, we do things differently. We respect your health goals and don’t try to impose ours on you. We put the power in your hands to choose the treatments and methods that will best keep your teeth healthy by giving you detailed risk assessment and guidance to maintain all structures of the mouth, aesthetic and otherwise, for life – just like a coach!

Traditional Dentistry

Traditionally, dental care has been a reactionary process – patients typically begin their care only when something goes very wrong in their mouth. The problem with this all-too-common method is that patients become fixed in a cycle that slowly degrades their health and hurts them financially.

Our Wellness Strategy

After 32 years of practicing dentistry, we believe there is a better way – to minimize the amount of dental work a patient needs over his or her lifetime by supporting with preventive measures.

The Stages of Dental Care

We provide care in our office for every level of need. Whatever stage you find yourself in, we urge you to give us a call to help get you on the right path.

We provide:

  • Urgent care is for those in pain and crisis.
  • Remedial care for those who want to fix things as they break.
  • Comprehensive care for those who want a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

Your First Visit

At Ruhland Dentistry, we believe in listening first. Your first appointment includes a generous amount of time to relay your concerns to Dr. Ruhland or Dr. Schwanekamp, in an effort for us to fully understand your health goals.

Are You Being Heard?

Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment for our patients to share their story. Together we can work to help you achieve your dental, and overall health, goals. Call Dentist in Cheektowaga Phone Number 716-632-9410 today or request an appointment online.

Call us: 716-632-9410

Co-Discovery Exam

Once we are clear about your goals, we will examine the current condition of your mouth, including teeth, gums, bone and bite using the least amount of x-rays possible, plus photos and clinical notes. Next we will share with you, our findings so that you understand the current condition of your gums, teeth and jaw, relative to optimal dental health.

Review of Findings

With this knowledge, you can then choose a treatment plan that is aligned with your goals, and your coach, Drs. Ruhland or Schwanekamp, will be with you every step of the way.

Our patients are very happy with the care that they receive here because it sets them up for success, which means less pain, money and dental work down the road. Are you ready to get started on a new dental path? Please call us today at Dentist in Cheektowaga Phone Number 716-632-9410 to set up your consultation.