Holistically Inclined, Minimally Invasive Treatment

At Schwanekamp Dentistry, we help your mouth and body heal with minimally invasive treatment. This is achieved through our Maximized Adhesive Resin Composites, or “MARCs.” A “MARC” is not a filling. It is an advanced restoration that utilizes a special, “Maximized Adhesive” protocol. This technique gives us the option to restore the tooth in a more conservative manor. The benefits of these restorations are many.

  • Minimally invasive (less drilling and discomfort)
  • Less expensive than a crown
  • No gooey impression or temporary
  • Only requires one dental visit
  • Preserves and strengthens tooth structure
  • More bio compatible with gum tissue than a metal filling or crown
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Less sensitivity
  • Designed to break before the tooth (therefore preventing further damage to the tooth structure)
  • Can be repaired (unlike a crown)
  • Protects the nerve of the tooth, preventing abscessing and may avoid the need for a root canal!